The Broker Platform

White Label MT4/MT5 Trading Platform for Forex Brokers


The Trading Platform


The Trading Platform

GoldstarTech’s forex trading system is a solid, dependable trading platform that makes it easy to realize your trading vision and build a lucrative business with fast returns. Our features include:

  • Customizable trading platform with a familiar feel for any trader
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Percentage Allocation Management Module: PAMM Software for Traders
  • Powerful analytics and reporting

Low Latency & Fast Access to Markets

With distributed data centers and resilient system designs, we deliver low latency and stable platform performance throughout the trade cycle, 24 hours a day. Goldstar Tech guarantees the gold standard uptime of over 99%.

Quick uptake and efficient integration ensure that your customized system is up and running with minimum configuration. New startups are fully equipped overnight with our suite of services.



Value & Flexibility

The FX market runs 24 hours a day, and so does your business. Scale your platform at your own pace of growth, without premature expenditure. Operate your customized software through a unified interface with full control and full visibility.

The Technical Advantage

Protect against threats proactively with our regularly updated encryption protocols, KYC and risk management that safeguard your assets and partners. Our API architecture integrates with any extra software you want to use, expanding your advantage and minimizing any liabilities.

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